Kirk E. Andrews Wins Gabryl Award

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Kirk E. Andrews

Alan S. Cohn currently serves as the CEO of AbsoluteCARE, an ambulatory ICU medical company. In addition to his day-to-day work, Alan S. Cohn belongs to professional organizations such as the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP).

The National Association of Dental Plans recently announced Kirk E. Andrews as the 2016 recipient of the Gabryl Award. It is the top honor an industry professional can receive, reflective of an individual’s commitment to leadership and key input on policy issues within the dental benefits sphere.

Gabryl Award winners are chosen from a list of nominees that the NADP board of directors chooses annually. Those chosen as winners have demonstrated consistent volunteer efforts that have benefited the mission of NADP, which is to further the dental benefits sector while providing affordable coverage to the insured.

Kirk E. Andrews had key input on dental aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and was a member of the Health Care Reform (HCR) Task Force constituted in 2010. He made critical contributions to the formation of the ACA policy platforms as they pertained to dental carriers, reinforcing his role as an important ally of the NADP.


Levindale and Save-A-Limb Partner Together for Annual Festival

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Alan S. Cohn is the former CEO of Avesis, a managed vision, dental, and hearing healthcare provider based in Phoenix, Arizona. An established professional in the healthcare industry, Alan S. Cohn has also spent time outside of work volunteering his services to Levindale Nursing Home.

National Association of Dental Plans to Host CONVERGE Conference

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National Association of Dental Plans

The former CEO of Avesis, a managed health care company in Phoenix, Arizona, Alan S. Cohn currently serves as the CEO of AbsoluteCARE, an ambulatory ICU medical company. Active in the health care field, Alan S. Cohn belongs to professional groups and organizations such as the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP).

The largest, nonprofit, national, trade association devoted to the dental plan industry, the NADP serves both industry professionals and consumers by improving access to affordable and high-quality dental care. The organization serves its members through educational seminars, government-relations campaigns, research, and other initiatives. The NADP also hosts CONVERGE, an annual conference for members.

This year’s CONVERGE conference will take place September 12-15 in San Antonio, Texas. Held at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa, the conference will bring together industry leaders for networking opportunities and professional development. In addition to workshops and talks, CONVERGE features social events such as the Ameritas-sponsored golf tournament.

To learn more about CONVERGE, please visit

AbsoluteCARE Delivers “Health Home” Services to Baltimore Patients

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Alan S. Cohn previously served chief executive officer of Avesis, a managed health care company offering a comprehensive selection of vision, hearing, and dental plans. Currently, Alan S. Cohn oversees all operations at AbsoluteCARE, which offers patient-centered chronic care in Atlanta and Baltimore.

Located at 1040 Park Avenue in downtown Baltimore, AbsoluteCARE utilizes a “Health Home” model to deliver medical care to patients with chronic illnesses. AbsoluteCARE provides all services in one location, making it as easy as possible for patients to receive the services they need.

AbsoluteCARE plays host to a CLIA-waived laboratory, where patients can receive diagnoses in a timely manner and pick up prescriptions before they leave. Patients can also receive radiology and infusion services on-site as well as mental health services such as support groups and one-on-one counseling. For patients with mobility issues, AbsoluteCARE provides transportation services and delivers medications to patients within a 30-mile radius of the office. Patients can also participate in nutrition education sessions and group programs such as diabetes education and walking groups.

NADP’s CONVERGE Heads to San Antonio in 2016


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National Association of Dental Plans

Chief executive officer of Avesis Incorporated, Alan S. Cohn has provided vision and dental care plans to millions of members since joining the organization in 1992. To ensure he integrates the best practices of his field into Avesis, Alan S. Cohn holds membership with the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP).

On September 12, 2016, the NADP will kick off CONVERGE. Its annual conference, CONVERGE takes place at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio, Texas. For four days, attendees will network with peers and participate in interactive educational sessions addressing government relations and business development. The event also serves as a platform to honor influential members with the Don Mayes Leadership and Star awards. Further, an exhibitor’s hall and social activities, including a golf tournament, are planned.

Registration is open to all interested parties. NADP members receive a special rate as well as a complimentary dental benefits fact sheet. The latter is available to nonmembers for a fee of $1,495.

Defining Hospice Care

Avesis Incorporated pic
Avesis Incorporated

Alan S. Cohn serves as the chief executive officer of Avesis Incorporated, a provider of convenient eye care plans that meet Medicaid/Medicare standards. Outside of work, Alan S. Cohn has volunteered at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, which offers hospice care to patients.

Hospice care is centered on providing compassionate care to patients in their final days of life so that they may pass peacefully and comfortably. Caregivers recommend hospice care when the patient no longer responds to drugs and has less than six months to live.

Hospice care can be given at home, in a hospital, at a nursing home, or in a freestanding hospice care facility. Using a team-oriented approach, hospice care combines the efforts of personal physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, and home health aides to offer pain management and physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Hospice care professionals also provide the patient’s family members with support and counseling throughout the duration of the patient’s care and after the patient’s passing.

Evaluations at the Center for Memory and Behavioral Disorders

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Center for Memory and Behavioral Disorders

Alan S. Cohn joined Phoenix, Arizona-based Avesis Incorporated as chief executive officer in 1992. Alan S. Cohn also engages with a number of nonprofits and industry organizations, and he previously served as a volunteer with the Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Levindale center provides seniors with a variety of long term-care and outpatient services. One of the organization’s facilities is the LifeBridge Health Center for Memory and Behavioral Disorders. Through a partnership with The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute, the LifeBridge Health Center provides long-term care to patients living with dementia. Evaluations are provided immediately and are generally finalized in less than one day.

These initial evaluations include analysis conducted by a full team of urologists, neuropsychologists, geriatric psychiatrists, and a variety of other health care professionals. Following the evaluation, patients and their families are guided through an explanation of the patient’s condition and provided an outline for the most effective course of treatment. Further information on the nature of dementia and causes of the disease is provided via educational resources, while doctors can also offer information on external support services. For more information on evaluations, visit