The Ambulatory ICU and Its Benefits


Ambulatory ICUpic
Ambulatory ICU

Since 1999, Alan S. Cohn has served as the president and CEO of AbsoluteCARE, an ambulatory intensive care unit. Under Alan S. Cohn’s experienced leadership, AbsoluteCARE has flourished as a provider of holistic care for the sickest of patients with complex chronic illnesses.

For these patients, the ambulatory intensive care unit (A-ICU) plays a key role in reducing the number of emergency or inpatient hospital visits. Basically, the A-ICU delivers customized care in a Medical Center and the patient’s home, both to manage ongoing medical, behavioral and social conditions and to seek out potential health risks in the patient’s home and everyday life. For instance, if the A-ICU team notes that a patient has made numerous emergency room visits because he hasn’t taken his medications as prescribed, the team will add a medication management plan to the patient’s overall plan of care.

The A-ICU system depends on specially trained Providers including Doctors, trained Nurses, LCSWs, PhD Psychologists, PharmDs, Case Managers, Nutritionists, Community Health Workers and other health professionals, who collaborate to provide the patient with daily support. When properly implemented, the work of this team can reduce the need for escalated and more costly care. Studies have shown that this model not only improves outcomes for chronically ill populations, but generally reduces average per-capita health spending by focusing resources on those most in need.


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