About the Services of AbsoluteCARE

AbsoluteCARE pic
Image: absolutecare.org

A graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law, Alan S. Cohn has served as the chief executive officer of Avesis Incorporated since 1992. During his tenure, Alan S. Cohn has achieved revenue increases more than 30 times as well as the successful incubation of the AbsoluteCARE medical center and pharmacy model.

Dedicated to patient‐centered medical care, AbsoluteCARE has locations in Baltimore, Maryland, and Atlanta, Georgia, with each offering cutting‐edge technology and an experienced staff. Both locations have primary care and chronic condition management services for adults and children 16 years of age and older, and the Atlanta‐based location also deals with the full spectrum of infectious diseases from commonplace to rare. With other services ranging from radiology and infusion to mental health, both AbsoluteCARE locations have education resources such as registered dietitians and group programs.

To help patients manage their health, AbsoluteCARE’s dietitians perform general assessments and assist with chronic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol. The group programs address different health areas, depending on each patient’s needs and health goals. For instance, the meditation corner guides participants through relaxing mediations, and grocery store tours educate participants on the basics of reading product labels and managing money.


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