AbsoluteCARE’s PrEP Program for HIV Prevention

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Healthcare professional Alan S. Cohn is a strategic partnership consultant for Avesis Managed Healthcare. Providing care to communities throughout the US. Alan S. Cohn is the CEO of AbsoluteCARE.

AbsoluteCARE is an Ambulatory ICU Medical Center which provide intensive care to the “sickest of the sick” as well as members with HIV/AIDS.

PrEP is medication prescribed in the form of a pill. It is specifically formulated to reduce a person’s risk of contracting HIV after exposure. It is prescribed for men and women who have been exposed to HIV in the last 72 hours, are in open relationships, are in relationships with partners who are HIV positive, or participate in sex work.

The pill, Truvada, is taken daily for maximum protection. It should be taken for at least seven days straight to achieve optimum protection levels in men. For women, it may take up to three weeks to reach full protection levels. Taken continually, the medication reduces the risk of HIV infection by more than 90 percent.


The Ambulatory ICU and Its Benefits


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Ambulatory ICU
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Since 1999, Alan S. Cohn has served as the president and CEO of AbsoluteCARE, an ambulatory intensive care unit. Under Alan S. Cohn’s experienced leadership, AbsoluteCARE has flourished as a provider of holistic care for the sickest of patients with complex chronic illnesses.

For these patients, the ambulatory intensive care unit (A-ICU) plays a key role in reducing the number of emergency or inpatient hospital visits. Basically, the A-ICU delivers customized care in a Medical Center and the patient’s home, both to manage ongoing medical, behavioral and social conditions and to seek out potential health risks in the patient’s home and everyday life. For instance, if the A-ICU team notes that a patient has made numerous emergency room visits because he hasn’t taken his medications as prescribed, the team will add a medication management plan to the patient’s overall plan of care.

The A-ICU system depends on specially trained Providers including Doctors, trained Nurses, LCSWs, PhD Psychologists, PharmDs, Case Managers, Nutritionists, Community Health Workers and other health professionals, who collaborate to provide the patient with daily support. When properly implemented, the work of this team can reduce the need for escalated and more costly care. Studies have shown that this model not only improves outcomes for chronically ill populations, but generally reduces average per-capita health spending by focusing resources on those most in need.

AbsoluteCARE Participates in Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency Disease

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Avesis Managed Healthcare consultant for strategic partnerships Alan S. Cohn is the chief executive officer of AbsoluteCARE. On October 28, 2017, Alan S. Cohn’s AbsoluteCARE took part in a two-hour walk at Brook Run Park in Dunwoody, Georgia, to raise funds for the Immunodeficiency Disease Foundation (IDF), an organization that exists to better the lives of close to 250,000 Americans diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI).

PI is a group of over 300 rare and chronic diseases that affect the immune system. These diseases render the immune system incapable of functioning properly, either completely or in part. Patients with these diseases are very susceptible to infection in various parts of the body such as the throat, lungs, brain, and spinal cord. The diseases are not contagious and are mostly caused by genetic defects.

One of the biggest challenges facing patients with PI is access to information. IDF was founded by the families of children with PI together with their personal physicians. The group provides a range of resources to improve the lives of people living with PI.

Massage Reduces Muscle Spasms and Soreness


Serving the Chronically Ill to Achieve Healthcare’s Triple Aim Theme


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Triple Aim
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A strategic partner at Avesis Managed Health Care, Alan S. Cohn offers flexible health care programs to meet America’s needs. Since 1999, Alan S. Cohn has served as the CEO of AbsoluteCARE, a patient-centered ambulatory ICU that caters exclusively to the 3-5 percent of the US population that consumes 30-40 percent of health care dollars.

Healthcare has its own 5 percent. According to a 2009 study by the Department of Health and Human Services, in both 2008 and 2009, 5 percent of Americans accounted for almost 50 percent of all health care spending. The top 1 percent of patients were responsible for 21.8 percent of the $1.26 trillion spent on healthcare annually. Seniors aged over 65 made up 42 percent of the top 5 percent, followed by middle-aged Americans at 40 percent.

Looking at it from a per capita perspective, each of the top 5 percent spent about $35,829 on medical bills, while the bottom 50 percent spent only $232. For the top 5 percent, a third of those costs were spent in the last month of life. By catering exclusively to this high acuity, chronically ill segment, AbsoluteCARE provides quality care at low costs while achieving superior health outcomes – healthcare’s triple aim.

National Association of Vision Care Plans

An Arizona health care executive, Alan S. Cohn leads Avesis Incorporated, a dental and vision benefits carrier. In order to stay up to date on the rapidly changing insurance field, Alan S. Cohn maintains membership with the National Association of Vision Care Plans (NAVCP).

Midway through 2015, the NAVCP released a statement regarding its efforts to restructure the vision provider credentialing process. The organization established a committee to create a universal method that makes it possible for physicians to obtain a single credential for all vision care plans in which they participate. The overall goal was to reduce administrative work so vision professionals can dedicate more time to patient care.

By the end of 2015, the association launched its streamlined process. With the assistance of Aperture Credentialing LLC, an independent organization tasked with managing the program, the organization has garnered support from 10 managed vision care plans that have agreed to utilize the program. The NAVCP continues to invite other plans and organizations requiring credentialing to partake in the new approach.

To learn more about the organization and its program, visit www.navcp.org.

Avesis Managed Health Care

Alan S. Cohn has more than 30 years of experience in the vision care industry. Currently, Alan S. Cohn serves as CEO of Avesis, a company that provides vision, dental, and hearing benefits.

Founded in 1978, Avesis is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and has additional offices in Maryland. Avesis serves nearly 9 million members throughout the United States and administers vision care plans to more than 2,000 client groups, including private companies and governments. Avesis works with a wide network of optometrists, ophthalmologists, and retailers to provide its users with varied options for eye care providers.

Avesis has basic insurance options as well as more comprehensive plans. Routine eye exams, prescriptions for eye glasses or contact lenses, and laser vision correction surgery are some of the benefits that comprehensive Avesis insurance plans cover. The most basic Avesis plan covers general eye exams, while the comprehensive plans cover different percentages of general eye care needs and specialized procedures.